As we reach the end of a decidedly unprecedented and unusual year, let’s look back on some of the topics we researched, discussed, and discovered in SCRC’s collections this year.

A big thank you to all of the staff members (Courtney Asztalos, Brett Barrie, Mike Dermody, Dane Flansburgh, Petrina Jackson, Jim Meade, Meg Mason, Sebastian Modrow, Vanessa St. Oegger-Menn, Jim O’Connor, Daniel Sarmiento, David Stokoe, Colleen Theisen, Nicole Westerdahl, Lynn Wilcox) and students (Breeann Austin, Natasha Bishop, Isabel McCullough, Tiffany Miller, Aisha Pierre, Ari Spatola, Nora Ramsey, Jana Rosinski, Jason Wilborn) who wrote posts or contributed to the blog this year!

If you missed any blog posts this year or are looking for some collection-themed holiday reading, browse blog posts by month or topic below linked below!



Students look at materials in classroom.
Visitors check out highlights of SCRC’s rare materials, including issues of the Black Panther Party newspaper and an assortment of poetry from Broadside and Third World Presses.




Campus Postcard
University Campus, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. Syracuse University Postcard Collection.





Margaret Bourke-White Suitcase
Black leather suitcase with “Margaret Bourke-White, New York” stenciled across the top and a LIFE Magazine luggage tag. Margaret Bourke-White Papers.


October Preservation Countdown Series

TIME: Archives Preservation Countdown

RISK: Photographs, Lacquer Disks, and the Margaret Bourke-White Papers

JUDGEMENT: Pope Leo XIII and the Belfer Cylinders Collection

UNKNOWN: Cassette Tapes and the E. Thomas Billard Papers

VALUE: Photographs, Memorabilia, Films and Syracuse University Archives

Preservation Countdown Banner



1800s fabric samples in purple and gray
Fabric samples featured in an 1867 letter addressed to Mary Edwards Walker. Mary Edwards Walker Papers.

Activism & Social Reform

Construction workers
Workers on site of Sims Hall construction. Syracuse University Photograph Collection.

Art, Music & Photography

Letter signature on paper
Ying Li’s signature on her farewell letter to Marcel Breuer. Marcel Breuer Papers.

Celebrating BIPOC Voices

Man walking with child sitting on his shoulders
Alpha Phi Omega members playing with children at an event in Hendricks Chapel, circa 1950s.

Disability Studies

Illuminated initial "B"
A close-up of a Renaissance edition of the works of Bernard of Clairvaux, featuring the only illumination in the copy. Rare books.

Medieval Texts

Advertisement for soap product Velvet Borax Flakes in red text on white background
The 1909 streetcar advertisement for Velvet Borax Flakes produced by the National Chemical Company located in Syracuse, N.Y. Lyall D. Squair Streetcar Advertisements Collection.

Plastics & Consumer Culture

Exhibition case with materials from the University Archives' exhibit, "150 Years of Tradition at Syracuse University"
Exhibition case with materials from the University Archives’ exhibit, “150 Years of Tradition at Syracuse University.”

University Archives

Plastics Exhibit
“Survival Kit: Provisions for your Research Journey” Sky is The Limit banner in the Plastics Pioneers Reading Room.

Working in SCRC