Qualtrics, Your Research Tool

By Paul Bern, Research Data Services Librarian

Qualtrics, an easy-to-use survey design and administration platform, is available to use for free with your NetID. With Qualtrics, users can build simple or complex questionnaires using the many types of questions, survey directions, randomization, and other options available. Qualtrics even offers many pre-made surveys which you can use as-is or modify as needed.

Qualtrics is a great platform for many different types of projects, not just typical surveys. Some examples include creating travel request workflows, event registration, administering tests and even administering “paper and pencil” type experiments. There are also methods of authenticating respondents to make sure only specific people answer your survey.

Qualtrics allows more than one person to edit a survey at once. As long as the other people have a Syracuse University NetID, the project owner can allow anyone view or edit access. Surveys and their related data can also be transferred to other institutions (provided they also have Qualtrics) with sufficient notice to Qualtrics support.

The data collected in Qualtrics can be downloaded to Excel, Google Sheets, SPSS, and other options. Qualtrics has report-building capability as well. These reports can be downloaded to MSWord, Excel or .pdf. Additionally, the reports can be made available on the web; web reports are updated automatically and can be password-protected.

Qualtrics is available to all students, faculty, and staff at Syracuse University. Persons interested in using Qualtrics can go to https://syracuseuniversity.qualtrics.com/ . Be sure to use this link as the public version of Qualtrics does not have all the functionality of the university version.

Research Data Services will be offering a series of Qualtrics workshops from October 7 to November 18. For more information and to register, please go to https://researchguides.library.syr.edu/dataservices/Qualtrics

SURFACE: Our Institutional Repository

The Syracuse University Research Facility and Collaborative Environment, better known as SURFACE, is a full-text, multi-media online database that provides open access to the extensive and diverse array of scholarly, professional, scientific, and creative output produced at Syracuse University. Since its launch in 2010, SURFACE has grown to include thousands of items ranging from scholarly articles, books, journals, dissertations and theses, conference proceedings, videos, and more. As the institutional repository, it serves to represent the strength and diversity of work being done by members of the Syracuse University community and to share that work with communities all over the world. Open access means that scholars and researchers have an opportunity to download and access these works at no cost.

SURFACE is managed by a team at Syracuse University Libraries comprised of Deirdre Joyce, head of the Digital Library Program and Digital Stewardship, Patrick Williams, Humanities Librarian and Digital and Open Scholarship Lead, Suzanne Preate, Digital Initiatives Librarian, as well as several key graduate student employees and Library and Information Science master’s students. Gigi Swinnerton, our new visiting librarian for the Digital Library Program and Institute for Veterans and Military Families, has also joined the SURFACE team and will be working on repository metadata during her time with the Libraries.

The impact of SURFACE cannot be overstated. This year, more than 1,200 items were deposited into the repository, bringing the total number to nearly 16,000, from close to 13,000 unique authors. In the past year, more than 1 million items have been downloaded, and nearly 6 million items were downloaded since 2010 from nearly every country. Of the institutions accessing SURFACE content, 46% are educational, 46% are commercial, and 3% are government institutions.

A portion of the works in SURFACE are theses and dissertations submitted directly from the Graduate School. In the past year, 195 dissertations were submitted, with more than 87% of those to be made instantly available to the world or released after a brief embargo period. And 122 master’s theses were submitted, with more than 89% as open access.

Another portion of works in SURFACE are open access journals and publications. Current open access publishing projects include:

More recently, the Libraries has been working with campus partners including the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion: Population Health Research Brief Series, Institute for Veteran and Military Families, the Muslim Student Life newsletters, and the English Language Institute poster series. These collaborations have involved coordination with vendors, setup of metadata and configurations, population of initial documents, and training campus partner administrators. These contributors to SURFACE are able to access statistics for their publications, which is why many units choose to have their materials available on SURFACE.

SURFACE is your institutional repository. For questions or support, email surface@syr.edu.

Resources for Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month

As the campus community celebrates Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15), the following Libraries resources remain available:

(Note that books were previously selected by former SU Librarian Tarida Anantachai)