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SCRC Behind the Scenes

Zine Fest!

February 22nd, 2013 by Lucy Mulroney

This semester Jason Luther brought his WRT 200 class on “DIY Publishing” into Special Collections to inspire them to create their own independently-published magazines and chapbooks. First, the students researched the rare book and manuscript holdings to find items that would serve as springboards for the creation of their own publications. Last week, the students met in our Lemke Room and presented their findings, which ranged from William Lord Garrison’s Liberator to a handmade book of poetry to the San Francisco punk zine Search and Destroy


The students then made their own zines based off of these findings, and yesterday they held a “Zine Fest” up here on the sixth floor, during which they displayed, swapped, sold, and read from their own publications.

Setting up shop…

The Zine Fest begins


Inspired by “2-5YM”

Inspired by “The United States of America vs. Hip Hop”


Inspired by Diane Di Prima’s “The Floating Bear”

Inspired by “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again”

“The Bearderator” inspired by “The Liberator”

Inspired by “Mokba”


Inpired by Lucy Phillips’ handmade poetry book

Zine Fest

Reading from Zines!

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One Response to “Zine Fest!”

  1. Michele Says:

    My personal favorite was “Strange Conversations” because it had Captain Picard and Dr. Who. Plus bonus stickers. I also appreciated the Lucy Philliips one, which had a clear connection to the original that inspired it. Great project!

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