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Spotlight on Emily Hart

April 5th, 2017 by Anne Rauh

Name: Emily K. Hart

Title: Science & Engineering Librarian

Role in the Libraries? My focus is supporting research at all levels, from undergraduate projects to the scholarly publishing pursuits of faculty. I strive to be an expert communicator and researcher, and to develop meaningful partnerships between the library and academic departments on campus. I support students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering & Computer Science along with several science departments including Biology, Chemistry, Communication Science & Disorders, Forensic Science, Astronomy & Physics, and Neuroscience.

My interactions with students, faculty, and staff often include one-to-one research consultations, or classroom sessions focused on developing student research skills, utilizing appropriate resources, or citation management techniques. I stay abreast of the library’s science and engineering resources making sure researchers are aware of what’s available and assuring they have the appropriate skills to leverage these resources. I advocate for the research needs of my departments by collaborating with the library to procure desired resources.

Advice for first time library user? Librarians LOVE to help people. If you’re just arriving on campus, connecting with a librarian is a must. Once you make that connection you’ll have a go to person for all your research needs, the entire time you’re at SU!

What is your favorite part of being a librarian? I truly enjoy helping students and faculty with their research. I love the challenge of digging through resources to find the perfect one. I have a knack for helping people articulate and organize their research questions and goals, helping them shape their unique research story, and contextualizing the importance of their research to others. Over the years I have developed techniques in active listening, open ended questioning, and empathy to connect with people and have meaningful conversations about their information needs. It’s also a privilege to work at a university that has access to so many specialized resources, such as cutting edge biomedical and engineering journals.


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